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A church with significance. We strive to be a radically different church who loves each other as Jesus loves us. Loving not because of, but even in spite of. We are striving to be that loving, caring, forgiving, merciful, reconciling, and compassionate fellowship that brings glory to Christ.


To be a loving, caring, Spirit-filled church where all are accepted and empowered to freely experience God, growing spiritually, walking victoriously and living life at its highest level through Christ.




1. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people that they may know and experience the love, joy and salvation of Jesus Christ.


2. Teach empowerment through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


3. Provide an atmosphere to freely experience God through exciting

worship, powerful prayer, and genuine praise.


4. Build strong families, develop young people and strengthen seniors.


5. Empower each member to live victoriously spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.


6. Perform acts of compassion, mission, evangelism, and service to meet the needs of others.


7. Love all people

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